Merri presents a responsible approach to urban living. A place where residents can help preserve our environment while benefiting from notably lower energy and water costs.

Merri Creek

Building for the future

  • Energy-efficient design

    Merri residences are designed to be some of Melbourne’s most energy-efficient, benefitting from rooftop solar, double glazing, passive solar design, LED lighting and electric heat pump hot water systems. This provides optimal thermal comfort – staying warm in winter and cool in summer, with additional acoustic insulation benefits and utility cost savings all year round.

  • Harvesting and conserving water

    All Merri residencies benefit from rooftop rainwater harvesting, reducing reliance on potable water. Water sensitive urban design will be integrated with rainwater capture and reuse for all gardens. Homes also feature taps, toilets and a dishwasher with an average five-star WELS rating. Landscape drip irrigation is fitted with a moisture sensor, meaning plants will never be over-watered.

  • Zero reliance on fossil fuels

    Set up to operate carbon neutral, the buildings will include rooftop solar panels, allowing for onsite renewable electricity generation. With the fully electric operation, including induction cooking, along with a site-wide and cost-efficient green energy plan, each home operates 100% energy emission-free.

  • Reduced environmental impact

    Landscaping design and building features reduce the impact of the heat island effect through roofing materials, landscaping and shading. Merri residencies will link native vegetation from the creek through the development while retaining significant trees to the edge of the site.

  • Pollutant-free interiors

    All homes at Merri benefit from low volatile organic compound paints, carpets, adhesives and sealants, as well as low formaldehyde engineered timber products throughout.

  • Using locally-sourced materials

    Unlike most multi-residential projects, which source most materials from Asia, Merri will target over 80% local procurement and materials for the construction of the project, which helps support Australian manufacturing and gives confidence that components originate from trusted sources.

  • Creating jobs for apprentices

    Merri is committed to ensuring that a minimum of 10% of the total labour construction hours on the project is performed by apprentices, trainees and engineering cadets, helping to upskill the Victorian labour force.

  • Car sharing and bike storage

    A limit on carbon footprint will be created through car-sharing adjacent to Merri that will be available to residents, along with secure bike parking facilities.

Looking Down on Merri Creek

A responsible home

All the homes at Merri are designed responsibly and with the future in mind. MAB is committed to delivering each home to a 5 Star Green Star standard, a certification that will be provided by Australia’s leading Green Star authority, the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), on completion. But sustainability is more than just a consideration for the environment. Social sustainability is also addressed at Merri, with the project setting a benchmark for local material procurement and responsible construction practices.

Merri Creek Banks

What is Green Star?

Green Star sets the standard in Australia for sustainable buildings and places.
Launched by the GBCA in 2003, Green Star tools guide and measure the sustainability of individual buildings, entire communities and the places in between. Green Star is the largest, most comprehensive system of its kind in Australia. MAB guarantees all homes at Merri will be built and certified to the 5 Star Green Star standard.
To achieve certification, Green Star thoroughly assesses a project’s sustainability attributes and rates these using a proprietary rating tool.
While many new homes on the market claim to be sustainable, few meet the Green Star standard. The Green Star As-Built certification, provides peace of mind that your home will deliver significant health, resource efficiency and cost-saving benefits.

What is NatHERS?

The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) gives homes a star rating out of 10 based on how its building design addresses energy efficiency. Homes with a higher star rating are considered more thermally comfortable and cheaper to run than homes with a lower star rating.
Merri will achieve over a 7 Star average NatHERS rating which exceeds current regulatory standards.