4-20 Walker Street Northcote

4–20 Walker Street, Northcote

On the banks of Merri Creek, these homes are bordered by Australian bushland to the south, low-rise cottages to the north and are a short stroll away from the bustling locale of Westgarth. Merri Northcote has been conceptualised to complement the natural beauty of the creek and reflect the values of the surrounding community.

Artwork by Jerry Osadczuk

Jerry Osadczuk

Jerry Osadczuk is influenced by both Japanese ink painting (Sumie) which he studied while living in Japan for nine years. That, along with indigenous art influences are both incorporated into this piece.

This particular piece uses acrylic, oil, ink and natural ochre powder to develop texture. This is then mixed and applied differently through a combination of brush, palette, and hand.

Jerry Osadczuk is an intuitive painter who works with a variety of mediums and styles. Having studied Sumi painting in Japan for several years and believes this has had a great influence on his work and has been a finalist in the Cliftons Art Prize twice.


With bushland in your backyard and Westgarth at your door, places like Merri are a rare find. These one, two, three and four bedroom homes have treetop city views on the banks of the creek.

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Rushall Footbridge Connecting Westgarth to Rushall Station

Merri Creek

Merri Creek

High Street Bridge

Looking Down on Merri Creek

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Merri is designed to complement the natural beauty of Merri Creek. The homes aim to feel familiar and immersed in their natural surroundings. With a relaxed connection to the natural environment, each buildings materiality speak to a timeless and integrated quality, where bushland will infiltrate the architecture over time. Each building responds to its surroundings through varied height and scale with connections through intimate shared spaces, providing the opportunity to meet neighbours or enjoy a secluded spot in the sun.

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View from High Street Bridge, Artist Impression


The buildings contain a mix of apartments, split level homes and creek fronting homes, from one to four bedrooms. Each has access to a shared rooftop garden with tree-top views. They feature natural light, carefully resolved interiors and a focus on sustainable living. These are homes designed for people to connect with nature and be part of a lively inner-city community.

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Four Bedroom Apartment Living, Artist Impression


Situated north of Melbourne, Merri Creek flows from Wallan until it joins the Yarra River in Fairfield. At the southern boundary of Northcote, the sloping banks of Merri Creek rise to a spectacular, elevated vantage, stretching across Fitzroy North towards the city. Naturally significant to the area, the creek offers a sense of retreat, with natural and structured pathways. It is a haven for flora and fauna and a place for people to connect and feel immersed in nature.

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High Street – Northcote

Merri from High Street Bridge

Westgarth Theatre


Merri Northcote presents a responsible approach to urban living. A place where residents can help preserve our environment while benefiting from notably lower energy and water costs.

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Merlynston Streetscape from Walker Street, Artist Impression

Artwork by John Graham

John Graham

For this work “Merri Creek in Full Bloom” Graham has employed an expressionist style, using layers of oil paint, both as washes and thickly applied impasto, in addition, forms are reinforced graphically using thin lines in oil pastel.

“Merri Creek in Full Bloom” explores the vagaries of colour and form of late winter when flashes of yellow wattle glow along the winding watercourse.

Born in Perth, Western Australia, John Graham has been exhibiting his paintings since 1986. Graham is an expressionist painter and his subjects are the landscape, animals and the human figure, and has been a finalist in many Australian Art Prizes – most notably the Waterhouse Art Prize on several occasions.



Developed by MAB in collaboration with Six Degrees Architects and TCL landscape architecture, Merri is designed to complement the natural wonder of Merri Creek. For more than 25 years MAB has delivered exceptional developments built on a legacy of originality, quality and excellence, an example of this is the Escala NewQuay project, currently under construction, also designed by Six Degrees (picture below).

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Escala NewQuay, Designed by Six Degrees, Developed by MAB, Artist Impression